Blessed by the Ancestors


Our Brand

Our goal is to promote Afro-Surinamese fashion, art, culture and spirituality in the United States. 

The history of Africans in Suriname is very unique and needs to be heard. For starters there are two differing groups of Africans who arrived as slaves in Suriname. There's the Maroons, whom took their freedom and escaped into the interiors of Suriname. Then there's the Creoles, who acquired their freedom when the Dutch abolished slavery on July 1, 1863.

The two groups lived two very different lives and managed to maintain varying levels of African Tradition. Ultimately, their paths crossed when the Maroons migrated to cities of Suriname. Making Suriname one of the riches countries in African culture on the western hemisphere. 

Our products are sourced from talented creatives residing in Suriname and offers customers access to authentic Afro-Surinamese culture.