Learning Sranan Tongo in Brooklyn: Special Thanks to Tranga Rugie & The Music Lovers

I recently began a Youtube Series called Learning Sranan Tongo in Brooklyn, where I attempt to improve my Sranan Tongo using popular Surinamese media. Thus far, the most popular of my first two videos would be the translation of Tranga Rugie & The Music Lovers - Bigi sma floot Ft. Chaggi. The video has since reached over 1,000 views. As much as I want to credit my wonderful singing voice for this phenomenon, I know that it had everything to do with Tranga Rugie & The Music Lovers' reposting of the video. It means a lot to me that I am getting support from the Surinamese Diaspora and Suriname. I have a big goal ahead of me and that is to popularize Surinamese culture in the World.

SOURCE: Facebook @Tranga Rugie


I spent my whole life trying to fit into places where I should have been myself. This is why I'm now trying to improve a language skill that I should have perfected by age 28. There was no place for an Afro-Surinamese girl in Brownsville or Flatbush Brooklyn. I would either pretend to be extra hood or West-Indian. As a grown-ass married woman with two children and college degrees, I'm choosing to be myself and embrace my Afro-Surinamese culture in addition to the multitude of other cultures in America.

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to the Surinamese men and women living in the diaspora who reached out to me. I now know that I don't stand alone with my struggles with cultural identity and language.

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