Meet Talented Indigenous Clothes Designer—Kimberly Alwanahi

When Kimberly Alwanahi began her Indigenous clothes design company at the tender age of 18, she did it to deal with the uncertainties of her mother’s health. With each design that she made, she authentically expressed her culture and began to incorporate more components into her product line.

Today, her company Kimmy Kasoeroes & More has blossomed into a well-known brand that is based in The Netherlands but also serves customers in her native country, Suriname. Kimberly’s Indigenous designs are beloved across all ethnic groups in Suriname, and Suriname has more than 5!! It’s common for Surinamese people to engage in the cultural practices of one another. Thus, it won’t be unusual to see a person of African descent partake in indigenous rituals or even apply indigenous methods into their cultural observances.

Kimmy Kasoeroes & More carries:

  • Ceremonial Outfits

  • Ceremonial Shawls

  • Maracas (traditionally used by shamans but are now generally used to make music)

  • Cigars (routinely used by shamans as well)

  • Beaded Jewelry (made from seeds)

  • Kaisiri (a native drink made from cassava bread, cassava water, sugar, and red coloring)

Kimberly stands out as an outlier in this industry as it’s unusual to see women in her culture handling these artifacts.

To see more of Kimberly's designs and products click the link below:

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