My Husband is Leaving Me For His Cousin

If you watched my new YouTube video, you would know by now that this story is not about me. It is actually the story of a Surinamese woman living in the Netherlands. She recently wrote in to a Surinamese blog called Familie Nieuws (Family News) to share her story. Her husband is romantically involved with his niece and in an effort to keep him she permits the relationship.

In my video, I repeatedly say it's his cousin, and honestly I wish it was his cousin because being with his niece is worse. How did I manage to make such a big mistake? Well in dutch the following words are used to call someone cousin:

neef: cousin, nephew, first cousin nicht: niece, cousin

The article uses the words nicht and nichtje interchangeably, so I got confused. Of course when I translated the article using google translate, it ultimately said "Niece".

Below, you will find the the translated version of the original article which could be found at the link below:

If you hate reading just watch the video below:

My husband fell in love with his niece and is now with her ALSO.

It sounds strange, but Ranu is actually telling us that her marriage has gotten much better since she "released" her husband. She tells us what has changed in her life and she advises other women who are also stressed about a man who is cheating on them to do the same. Either you leave or you accept it. Read her 'success' story. What do you think of it. Is she right?

Ranu from the Netherlands

Good evening dear people in Suriname and the Netherlands. I actually want to tell my story to women who are currently stressed because their husbands are not faithful. I want to encourage them. Don't give up on your relationship, but do release your husband and you'll be fine.

I am Ranu and I have been married to Ram for 17 years. I was 16 years old when we met. I was not married, but in fact you can say I am. Our families know each other and Ram comes from a wealthy family. For my 18 the we moved to the Netherlands. I have 1 big son of 15 years old.

His Niece

My son is the reason I didn't leave my husband right in the beginning. Because from day 1, Aries treated me badly. But what should I do? I was pregnant early and I was alone in the Netherlands. I had no one here, still not. I have accepted a lot. I have been unhappy for years. And then suddenly. About 5 years ago. My son turned 10 years old. We had a big party. That was the same day that my husband met a niece of his from Suriname again. He fell in love instantly. Yes, on his BLOOD own niece.

He would abandon me for her. Our relationship was very bad, but I fought to keep my husband. I didn't want to lose him. I didn't want to be alone. No matter how bad he was. I didn't want him to abandon me and our son. I still didn't have many people. I work but only had no colleagues, really friends. My immediate family lives in Suriname. I was scared.

My husband did not want to leave his girlfriend, his great love. She had just gotten divorced. And he helped her with everything. He was madly in love. And he had never been in love with me he said. We were too young and this was real love. I then agreed that he could stay with her, but also with me. I didn't want to get a divorce. And his son was not allowed to notice anything and not be short of anything. That was the agreement.

It was strange at first. My son thinks his dad only lives elsewhere. He does not know that his father is in a relationship with his aunt. His father is home about 3 times a week and he is also with his girlfriend. 50/50. They have no children and her children live with her ex. He loves her and never wants to let her go. But he also understands that it is not normal that he is with her, so nobody knows about it. I'm still just his wife to the outside world.


And I will tell you. We have been much happier since I accepted the situation. Many of you will call me crazy, but my life is a lot quieter. Aries comes home and is always happy. We sit on the couch together, sleep together, often go for a nice walk. We are both free. We never talk about his other life, we agreed, and he doesn't ask me about my life. I am free to go with someone else. But I don't have that need at all. And then a lot will change. No man is going to accept that I am still married. And that half of my husband lives here. And does everything for us. That's why I'm in no hurry. I am almost 35 years old. I like it this way.

Indeed, Aries still takes good care of me and my son. He always has. He was only a monster of a man. Always angry, complaining and scolding. He really wasn't happy with me alone. The difference now is that he's a nice man to me and we almost never argue again. He is grateful to me for giving him a life with his lover. And I am happy too. I would like to share that with you.

Stress relationship

I see women around me stressing. A colleague of mine has also had problems with her husband for years. He has so many other women and he does everything so secretly. It's hard to accept. I get that, I also had a hard time with it. But if you don't accept it, then you just have to leave. Don't stay in that mess if you're not going to be able to release your husband. But remember: Where can you find a really good man today? who accepts you and your children?

Success marriage

Many people look up to my marriage. They see that Aries and I are happy. But they have no idea what the "secret" of our marriage is. It is going well. Of course I don't know what the future will bring.

I would advise women who don't want to abandon their husbands to just release your husband. Let him take that other woman in. But make good agreements. I am not bothered by his niece at all. I now only enjoy the good things about my marriage. And of my freedom. And a wonderful night's sleep without stress. I rarely interact with Aries, but if I do, we'll do it safely. That is unfortunate, but there is no other way.

Thank you for your attention. I was happy to tell you. You don't have to remain unhappy in a bad relationship. I was also in a bad relationship and releasing my husband was the best I could have done. Think about it, it might be for you too. Greetings from me.

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